Kratos Kingdom of Daggerfall Covenant XBOX EU recruiting

Soul Shriven
New sociable guild just started up. Active players needed! Join for PVP and PVE content including trials, dungeons, pledges and farming duelling and of course Cyrodil and battlegrounds PVP.

Looking to promote players into higher ranks as we get the guild started. Future goals include a guild house, consistent guild trader and guild crafter.

You can also message me on Xbox under L0bsterSmuggler
  • White wabbit
    White wabbit
  • Shadow_Akula
    Hi, I’m looking for a PVE guild, I’d like an invite please
    GT: Shadow Akula 96
  • Bettlar
    Soul Shriven
    Experienced mature MMO player Looking for an active guild. Originally played ESO on PS4 on initial release and now playing again on XB1 EU server.
    GT: Bettlar Teel
  • Demonarte
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there.

    I'd be interested in joining, mainly interested in PVP. Are you guys DC mainly?

    GT: Garnien
  • Curtis_Ryan
    Soul Shriven
    Hello I play almost everyday and I’m looking for a guild. XB1 Curtis Ryan1 and eso char name is Curt-Zilla thanks in advance if you send an invite
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