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Issue with Launcher Connecting to Client

Somehow my launcher has become "disconnected" from the game client. When I open my launcher, I have the regular (NA) game listed. But when I click on the (NA) version of the game, it wants to install even though all the files are there in the "live" folder. I can go into the game folder on my hard drive and launch the game using the eso.exe file and play.

If I use the if I use the install option, will it re-download the entire game or will it eventually see that all the files it needs are already there and just fix the issue?
  • booksmcread
    I forgot to mention I have two versions of the game installed. When I started my early access yesterday, the (NA) version became gray with no play option, just "Install." But, the game is installed on my computer (I even played it last night using eso.exe). So, I have two questions.

    1. Is there a way to tell the launcher where to look for the proper files?
    2. If I use the install option, will it see the live folder and all the files in it and just update to the current patch?

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