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Screwed Over

I am disgusted with Zenimax and Bethesda now. I pre-purchased the Summerset DLC. I waited for months for it to be released. When they released it, they also released the Digital Edition Upgrade. But because I pre-purchased Summerset, I can not purchase the Digital Edition Upgrade so I am getting screwed over. Steam says I already purchased the Digital Edition. But Support says I did not.

If I did not, as Support said, then why can I not purchase the Digital Edition in Steam?

If I did purchase it, as Steam says I have, then where are my items?

It disgusts me that I have made purchases where I PAID for 1 DLC (morrowind) multiple times in different packages, but Zenimax & Bethesda only gave me 1 copy. Well Zenimax & Bethesda... if this is how you treat those who support your game, are going to lose a pay to play customer. I am going to remove my subscription and I am done purchasing any more DLC for this game, or any games from Zenimax or Bethesda.

  • Nyladreas
    This is a problem at steam's side. Not ZOS.
  • Saturnana
    I... don't get it?
    I was able to pre-purchase the Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade just fine through Steam.
    Did so somewhere in March.

    What is the problem exactly?
    You accidentally purchased the full game instead of just the upgrade?
    Or you ordered it through ESO's channels while you play through Steam?

    Either way, I really don't see how ZOS screwed you over here...
    And if you're talking about Morrowind being added to the Summerset pre-orders, you didn't buy the same DLC twice and only received it once. Its inclusion in the bundle was a special promotion for people who did not yet own Morrowind. From your post I gather that you already owned it and therefore did not qualify for the promotion.
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  • Sgtmeg
    When I went to the Zenimax store and accidentally clicked to buy the full package rather than the digital upgrade I wasn't allowed to complete the purchase, as I already had the game. Not sure how/why you managed to get the full version through either provider as they prevent you from purchasing repeats.

    Do you mean you got double Morrowinds? Everyone did, as it came free with the purchase of Summerset. Not really an impact on players who already had it, but a little extra treat thrown in for those who didn't. You didn't spend any extra money on it.

    As for the "releasing the digital upgrade" after the release of Summerset thing, the digital upgrade was available well before then. That is how I purchased Summerset, and I got my items fine.
  • Imhotep71
    SO did you in initially pre order the Summerset digital upgrade or a physical copy. Your post isnt clear at all. The digital upgrade has been available for months
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  • DoctorESO
    This one's head does not understand. What did you actually purchase, and what did you want to purchase? This one asks you to be as specific as possible.
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