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Deciding on class

So right now I have a few characters I am thinking about maining.
So right now I have a lvl 40 altmer magblade and a lvl 20 Orc StamDK
So should I main one of these or should I create another character if so then what.
Note: Planning to do PVP soon so a pvp class would be best
Thanks for any help :smile:
  • davey1107
    Magblade is an excellent class to learn PvP because you can perma-cloak and hide until you learn the ropes. They also have very good resource management. Their challenge is dps, IMO, so they’re a bit stronger if you’re running with a friend or in a group. They can also put VILE debuffs on enemies, so in a group you can help teammates plow through enemies. I run a stamblade w my friend’s magblade all the time...pretty obnoxious duo, lol.

    As far as new characters

    Do you love your stamDK and using the weapon abilities in melee combat? If so, a next character might be a stam Sorc. I have tons of fun w mine. They’re like 30% less tanky than a do, but 50% more damage. They have amazing resource management. You could also try a stam warden. I find specs and wardens to be really close in dps and resistance, with words excelling at resource management and wardens at heals.

    Do you love the stealth assassin quality of your magblade? Then maybe roll a stamblade. This is my favorite class, and for PvP they’re pretty dang awesome. The class abilities you use would be really similar to your magblade, then you’d bring 2-3 weapon abilities in on each bar. A dw/bow stamblade is a murder machine.

    Do you love the magic skills, especially staff skills? A mag sorc would trade your magblade’s stealth for unrelenting Dps. They’re not my personal favorite class to play because I find them a bit boring. But lots of people love them, and when played well they plow through everything.
  • BretonAltmerNord
    ok, then what would be better stamblade or magblade
  • Yakidafi

    Since your character is altmer already I would go magnb.

    But really it depend on what you like to play as.
    Moons and sands shall be your guide and path.
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  • davey1107
    @BretonAltmerNord - as a tip, use the at symbol code like I did there if you are asking a question from someone. That makes the system alert them so they know to look at the thread again.

    You have a decently developed magblade, so you should have a good idea how they play. You could roll out a stamblade and experiment with it...level it up to ~20 or so. By then you’d have a pretty decent idea of what it feels like to exchange the stealth and heals for power.

    If you’re thinking of doing PvP, then stamblade is probably a bit stronger than magblade. Either can be deadly if used well...honestly it boils down to whether a player meshes with the class and will use it well. What I mean by that is that in PvP you’re fighting human enemies, who are very different than NPCs - for my nightblade to survive, I need to be good at stealth and misdirection. I met a magplar in open terrain, which is not ideal for my bow build. I killed him not just because I used cloak to disappear, but because I manipulated him into thinking I was going to a certain spot when I was actually moving fifty feet away to an ideal location to hit that spot from. So when he went there...gank. I’ve died a million times learning those skills, but I like that challenge, which is what makes me a natural nightblade player.

  • BretonAltmerNord
    @davey1107 Thanks but after trying at some more of these suggestions (and a few more) I am probably going to pick stamsorc or magdk.
  • seipher09
    Truthfully the answer depends on what you want in the game. Are you a solo player? Do you plan on doing hard group dungeons with people? Are you doing raids? Do you want to go into PvP?

    Depending on what your goal is can change what you should do in the game overall as they overall can make a big impact
  • BretonAltmerNord
    Well I do mostly solo and intend to Pvp once I get to a good level/cp. @seipher09
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  • davey1107
    Stam Sorcs are amazingly fun. Mine is one of my top three I go to. Built properly they’re pretty tanky and put out crazy Dps. They perform awesome in PvE, and very good in PvP.

    Major perks:

    Dark deal. The game is so much about resource management now (bleh) that you can’t understate the usefulness of this skill. It allows my Sorc to solo 4 person content and world bosses. It’s a bit crazy...his 12k magic pool (which honestly doesn’t do much else) becomes the potential for 26k health and 20k magic when I need it.

    Critical surge: for a damage buff ability, this is one of the best in the game. It give access to major brutality regardless of weapon type...freeing you from the need for a 2h to get it from Rally. Then each crit strike up to once per second heals for 3k. This is also a bit crazy.

    Hurricane pairs so well with a dual wield bar. Hurricane does incredible damage when you’re up close in a mob, but it also offers massive resistance. Dual wield can offer some heals. Together you will shred through enemies like nothing.

    I’m not as strong on mag dks. I know the dk players are currently complaining that they are weak in PvP and need some buffs all around. But because I don’t play mine much anymore, I don’t know how bad they are underperforming.
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