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Wild Hunt Crown Crate Return?

Would very much like to see a repeat of this crown crate, maybe for a short amount of time like you recently did with the Dwarven crates? To be able to buy things from that season with crown gems like you did with the Dwarven Crates? There is still some stuff I would like a chance to get from that specific season crate. Like the Doom Wolf pup and the Statue of Hircine, also those cool Wild Hunt mounts.
  • Pajor
    Of course they will return eventually, but we just don't know when this year.
  • Glenmorils
    I would love this.
  • Radiance
    They actually did have Wild Hunt crate return for a few days around Christmas time, I think, but like the Limited time Dwarven crates, they were not open to selective purchase using Crown Crate Gems. There are a few wild hunt things I would like but I'm not about to gamble on RNG when I have gems Stockpiled for just such occasions... They will most-likely cycle back around but I suspect you will have to wait for the Death, Flame and Scallcaller crates to make a return before that happens. Could be a year if at all...
  • Vehlir
    Honestly there is so much RNG & artificial barriers preventing people from getting what they want with Crown Crates, there shouldn't also be a "Race" against the clock as well.

    All Crown Crates should be available to purchase at anytime. You'd simply choose which you'd like to purchase and buy whichever has what you're looking for.

    Bad enough we have to face undisclosed gambling odds and RNG, you shouldn't also have to face a ticking clock with a set amount of time to get lucky or you've completely missed out as well.
    Edited by Vehlir on May 26, 2018 9:08PM
  • DanteYoda
    I'd buy them..
  • xclassgaming
    I want the storm atronach crates to return, cmon zos GIVE ME A STORM HORSE
  • moonio
    The wild hunt crates were the best ones ever...
    let's hope the next instalment will be as good..
  • DirtySouthWookie
    They did Storm and Wild hunt repeats last year. Id expect the skeleton and dwemer crates are next to repeat.
  • ghastley
    It would be nice to see some kind of statement on what's now intended for the "seasons". Originally, they were going to be a quarterly rotation of four, but we're at eight, is it, now? I like the idea of a short return at more frequent intervals with the greater variety it makes possible.

    And what about the "limited time" items that have never been in crates? It would be good to see some of those again. I'd much rather see people riding around on some of the plainer mounts again, with their matching pets.
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