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Skein Scorpion is kind of a jerk.

I got this guy out of my Psijic Crate and he looks absolutely awesome. He's black and red, he's edgelord af, I love him. There's just one teensy thing that I think people will probably begin to notice when there are more of these guys around...he's LOUD. Every so often he decides he wants to kill the world and he stabs the ground really hard with his tail, and it makes this very startling WHUMP!! noise that really sounds like an enemy is attacking me or something's exploding nearby. It is both annoying and hilarious. I have yet to unequip this pet. xD
  • strangeradnd
    I'm not surprised. I have used the fabricant scorpion for the last 5 months or so and half the time when it whips its tail I look around to see what is happening. I am looking forward to getting the skein scorpion for another of my characters, it should keep me on my toes when it constantly makes me look around.
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