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The Ceporah Tower

would any happen to know what it is made of?
  • Menelaos
    Hard to say. The Ceporah Tower is older even than the High Elves' arrival on Summerset from Aldmeris. Its interior reminds me of a big snail or clam shell, and water and fossils also seem to be strongly associated with it, too.

    I'd venture a guess and say either it's an Ehlnofey (Earth Bone) body or an old Sload structure of some kind.
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  • Enslaved
    Compared to other structures in new chapter it looks excellent. Tbh, this is how I imagined mages guild to be, and psijic order should be even better.
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  • Eporem
    of Coral perhaps?

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  • Ajaxandriel
    Seemingly coral yes.

    And about its origin...
    You will find out by doing the Tutorial quest and joining the puzzle pieces, between the architecture in the final part of the tutorial + Cloudrest last boss + architecture of Ceporah :wink:
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