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Looking for advice on healer builds

Soul Shriven
So, I'm among the many who have come back for Summerset, my main since back in the day has been a Magplar DPS and now I'm leveling a DK DPS toon. But to mix things up, I thought about doing something I haven't really done a lot of in MMOs before, and that's healing.

Now, in the olden days(tm), I always thought that "healer" automatically meant Templar, but from what I gather, there are healer builds for all classes now (I use alcasthq as my main source for builds), a lot of them look interesting, but what I haven't found yet was a general comparative guide to tell me the differences between the different classes for healing (I'm sorry if there is something like that and I missed it)

Considering that leveling a toon in ESO has (at least for me) some significant time investment due to limited playing time (especially since a lot of guides like to use skills that also need a lot of investment into guild quests and the like), I'd like to avoid trying my hand at 2-3 different healing classes to find out the pros and cons of each on my own, so my question is simple:

Which, in your opinion, is the class/build with the highest "skill floor" for someone learning the ropes as a healer? Not looking for the one with the highest ceiling, I doubt I'll have the time to get good enough to get even close to peak performance, so I'm rather looking for the one that's the hardest to screw up when healing for random groups and the like. As always, thanks in advance for your answers and advice!
  • AcadianPaladin
    I'd say templar if you're looking for solid performance as a healer that is fairly simple and reliable (high 'skill floor', as you say). You already know how a templar works. Very flexible. You can slot Channel Focus + Sweeps and face tank anything you want. That still leaves you plenty of room for other solid skills that help a healplar: Shards, Extended Ritual, EleDrain, Blockade, Mutagen/Rapid Regen, Healing Springs, BoL, Reflective light. Slightly more heal/supportive is to drop Reflective Light and add Combat Prayer. Depends on the content and if your group can be counted on to cooperate as far as positioning goes.

    Recommend Lightning Staff + Resto Staff and 5/1/1 for armor.

    Templar healer is very flexible with solid resource support and burst heals. They do tend to prefer a less mobile style if the situation allows (advantageous to stay within Extended Ritual and Channel Focus).
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  • Taleof2Cities
    Templar or Warden ... since those two have dedicated healing skill lines with passives.
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  • FakeFox
    While it's true that every calls can currently heal quite well, I would still say Templar is superior for most content. The reasons why it is strong for competitive endgame and easy to play for beginners are pretty much the same. It is very straight forward, reliable and forgiving but also has a very diverse kit and high utility. For me the Templar is the workhorse of healing, it isn't fancy but it simply works.
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  • TheDelta
    Soul Shriven
    Thx for the advice! Maybe I'll take a stab at respeccing my main to healer then, since I got a new MagDPS with the DK anyway now.
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