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How to Maximizing your BG Score in Domination and Crazy Kings

This is my effort to convince more people to queue for the land grab BGs, and maybe help out some of those that are new to BGs that are struggling.

Now that you can select your BG match, you can easily get onto the flag games and land grab leaderboards. There seems to be alot of people that hate the objective based matches and just queue deathmatch, some of the scores you see on the deathmatch leaderboard now dwarf any of the high scores pre-Summerset.

A result of being able to be match picky, the amount needed to make it on the leaderboards at the end of the weeks for the other two looks to be ~15-20k, where previously ~25k was needed to ensure your spot at the end of the week. As you are able to queue specifically for those game types you can get there quickly.

If you get lucky with your match draw and get crazy kings, you can get to an aggregate land grab score that will put you on the leaderboard at the end of the week in as little as three matches. You just need to be mindful on how your score accumulates.

In crazy kings/domination you accumulate points by taking damage, healing, and capturing points. Unlike the othe match types, there are no medals for doing damage or killing players in crazy kings or domination (besides the paltry 5 or 10 for kills on cap points). Despite healers and tanks complaining about running to new capture points, they are best equipped to get top score in these matches. By taking damage and healing on a capture point you can get that sweet sweet vigilant defender medal, worth 1000 points, the equivalent of ten capture medals.

The land grab games really punish, score wise, killing enemy players off capture points. Ironically, the person you kill off a capture point might actually get medals and a higher score from taking damage and healing.

In regards to maximizing you score, capture points, captute points, capture points. Personally, I feel I've preformed poorly if I don't capture at least ten points, and the most I've seen captured was 22 by a player that hadn't played BGs before.

Every game try to get the vigilant defender medal, it may seem counterintuitive, but YOLOing onto capture point with multiple enemies and staying alive as long as possible actually helps your medal count.

Aim for a 5k score each crazy kings game, if you play to objectives and try to maximize your score its not hard to get at least 3k.
  • Diddly_D_Potatoes
    I have just realized that they have changed the Vigilant Defender medal to 500 points from 1000. However you only need half the defense medal points and it is now repeatable, making it easier to get a higher score.
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