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Group bosses loot question

For example in wiki article of *some* set I see this -

"Overland group bosses have a 100% chance to drop head, chest, legs, or weapon set piece from the zone they are located in."

But seems I don't get it. If I need weapon, how to detect what group boss on the map I need? :smile:
  • driosketch
    World bosses, or overland group bosses as you call them, are denoted by skull and crossbones on the map. Most full zones have six of them. In DLC zones they are much harder, and truly designed for a group to take on.

    Almost every zone has three sets associated with them. If you mean you are looking for a particular set, you go to that zone. There are about 13 possible weapons that a world boss can drop, in up to 8 possible traits. Of course they also drop 3 amour pieces. If you don't care about trait, you are working with a 1 in 48 odds.

    Note public dugeon bosses also drop weapons plus shoulder and hand armor. That's 1 in 45 odds to get a weapon in the set you want, plus they are easier to beat. Mind, there is a 3 minute cool down in getting boss loot.

    Weapons can also be found randomly in chests, thieves troves, and randomly dropped by regular enemies, though the odds is much smaller.

    Some quests will give a set weapon as a reward, as well there are named set pieces unique to certain bosses, delves included. Keep in mind not all possible weapon +set combos can be gotten this way, and from overland bosses that's an additional rng to factor in.
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  • ruikkarikun
    Damn, I understanded my mistake:)) Ty anyway I thought some bosses can drop only weapon:))
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