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Bal Foyen Nix-Hound and Dwemer Crates

So someone pls tell me how is it even possible to open 30 Crates and get this lil ****** 24 Times ???!!!!
Ive bought some Crates before , not so much. Got 1 Fire Apex and 2 Frost Apex off the last badges ( with mostly buying only a 15 badge and few more crates ) so i thought id give it a try and maybe end up with one of the cool robot style Mounts to place as a furnishing in my Dwemer Tech Houses.
I wouldnt be mad that i didnt get one if i at least had a shot at some other stuff - but i ended up getting the same 3-4 literally in EVERY CRATE !!!!!
How is this even possible with so much items in the crates ?
Got the Dwemer Monocular at least 7 times , same for the Puzzle Memento. Got two of Pale Guars as my Legendary which i got only really few compared to the other 15 Pack openings i had done before.

Usually i dont complain about RNG Crates , cause u know u might end up with a bunch of stuff u didnt want - but this is ridiculous and an absolute joke. I mean getting a few doubles here and there is fine - but having that Nix-Hound in nearly every Crate seems way beyond logic.

If at least u can have more than one of them. That would be cool cause i would make a giant Nix-Hound Farm in one of my Houses ....
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  • KivakWolf
    At least you got good gems from the duplicates right? Out of 15 crates the only thing I got aside from tattoos and consumables was a statue and banner. No pets, no mounts, no armor, no costumes... :-\ Just no good luck at these things.
  • Pajor
    I didn't get anything good from the 63 crates I opened. But I am so glad I got a bunch of crown gems that I could use on the things I did want.
  • strangeradnd
    I didn't buy as many crates but had a 75% drop rate on the nix hound and 50% on the monocle. I'm not complaining as it means gems instead of other items I didn't want.
  • deadred92
    I kept getting mimic stones. I guess I'm not too sad since in my scalecaller crates I got 2 motifs so it will help with that. But It was about 15 mimic stones i got. One crate had 3 of them in it! I'm holding off on opening the last 5 after they've left the store. Maybe my odds will be better if not so many people are opening at the same time. (Wishful thinking)
  • VexingArcanist
    that pet is ridiculously over represented, along with much of the garbage in the gambling boxes.
  • BozzyTheDrummer
    I have purchased 12 dwarven crates so far, and I have received 9 nix hound pets. Was starting to lose faith in getting anything good, until I opened my last crate and pulled the Minotaur Motif book.
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  • Jhalin
    Ah. I see you weren’t here for the Nix-Hound apocalypse the first time around. Yeah their drop rate was, and evidently still is, incredibly inflated.
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  • Danikat
    It definitely sounds like there's something odd going on with the drop rate for nix-hounds.

    Yes RNG is supposed to be random and that means runs of the same item should occur periodically. But the Nix-hound should be roughly as common as any other Superior tier reward. Getting 1 Superior tier item in each crate wouldn't be unusual. Getting the same one in 3/4 of crates definitely is.

    The good news is this doesn't seem to have happened with any other crates so it's probably a one-off and since ZOS bring back old crates extremely rarely this will probably never be an issue again. The bad news is if you want anything else in the dwarven crates you're most likely looking at gradually collecting enough gems from nix-hounds to trade for it rather than getting it as a drop.
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  • GaunterODim
    Its the same drop rate as it was when morrowind released. It was terrible.
  • Stewart1874
    I remember this happening to me with the 15 - like 12 or something had that *** nix hound in them, I think it might be a glitch they didn't bother trying to fix because whales such as yourself will pump money into buying 30 *** crates.

    Stupid games, Stupid prizes. Live and learn.
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  • Oberick
    I'm glad to see people getting a ton of nix hounds as that was what it was like when they first came out. Atleast it seems to mean they didn't rig them any worse than they already were.
  • Yzalirk
    Yeah, I got a bunch of Nix Hounds too but the amount of Dwemer Orb Mementos I got was ludicrous.
  • D3AKUs
    Glad i am not the only one that suffered with those crates. Still gonna be the last Badge of crates i have bought for some time i guess. Gonna stick to wasting my Crowns on Houses and Furniture in the future i think xD
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