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In-game Chat Issue and New Disk for Summerset?


Hi, please could you answer these questions.

For a while now I've been having some issues with in-game Chat. If I use the Random Activity Finder, my Group chat turns itself on. If I join a pre-made group, I have no Group chat available - it's not in the list. If I try to use a guild chat channel, it disappears. If the Group channel does show up and I try to join, it disappears or else bugs out - it will keep counting down "Join Channel" every six seconds. (This bug was present early 2017.)
It does work very occasionally if I restart the game... what happened on the weekend in a trial after two disconnections and restarts, was that it said I was in Group chat; I could hear and talk to my group, then partway through a boss fight the chat just went silent. The names of the last speakers got frozen on my screen, which persisted when I swapped characters, and only restarting the game cleared that. (This was not the first time that has happened.)
And I think I posted a ticket about it in-game but I can't find any auto-email response. I definitely posted it here on the Forum, in the Tech Support (or possibly Bug Reports section).

Could you tell me please if the devs know of this Chat issue and whether it's being fixed? It used to work perfectly fine - but I couldn't say after which patch it became a problem because I don't use Group chat all that often.

A friend suggested that it could be something in my game data has corrupted and that I should try to uninstall and reinstall - but since the patch is quite large, if I have to redownload all of that on my potato Internet I won't be playing for two or more days.
I still have the original release disk, which is perfectly fine; no scratches etc. And last week I pre-purchased the Summerset Standard digital upgrade.

My other question is therefore, if I was to buy Summerset on a new disk instead, would it already have all the patches to date, so that I would only need to download the most recent?

Thank you for your time. :smile:
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