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Extremely bad lag tonight

Anyone else having very bad lag tonight on the PS4 NA server?
  • BuzzZaw60
    Last night I got the same problem as what I described in my post below but the second time it came up "Error 303 - unable to connect to server'....or something like that. But that was around 7-7:30pm Central....I came back on around 9-9;30 to try again and amazingly I played for about 1.5 hrs without a issue.
  • Hostee
    Okay so after a quick ping plot and tracert, I’ve found what server is causing me issues.

    I get like 350 ms to 500 ms when my connection gets to this hop.... there’s gotta be something that can be done about this.
  • ZOS_BillE
    If you are experiencing bad latency while playing you should check your internet connection for any network or service outages and follow the process below:
    1. See if there are any known problems with the PlayStation Network online service:
    2. Check all the physical devices on the network to ensure they are plugged in and powered on.
    3. Perform a connection test on each device connected to the network.

    You can refer to this link for more information on how to connect to the PSN network.

    We also recommend that you use an ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection.

    If you are unable to identify the issue, you should verify your network and perform a connection test on the console first. This is explained here:

    We also recommend you ensure that the ports needed for the game and PSN are open. The ports for our game and PSN are as follows:
    • TCP Ports 10040 through 10060
    • UDP Ports 50000 through 60000
    • UDP Ports 12000 through 32000
    • UDP Port 6250
    • UDP Port 5060
    • UDP Port 5062
    • UDP Port 3478 through 3479
    • TCP Port 80
    • TCP Port 433
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