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Game causing PS4 to lock up...having to Hard Reboot

Hello All

I came back to ESO about a month ago after taking time away...a friend let me know about the "Cake Bonus" and have been back since.....

However, I've been having issues with the game causing my PS4 to basically "Freeze up"....everything on screen stops, controls are in-responsive, I'll wait for several minutes in case and still nothing so I have to do a Hard Reboot. I get this at least once a night but in some case in 1-2 hrs play 2-3 times.

I do have the Launch System which has a upgraded Seagate 1.5 TB Hybrid Drive along with a WD 4TB USB drive.....ESO is on the internal drive

It doesn't matter what situation or where I'm town or around one of the anchors that drop....everything will be as usual but then suddenly parts of the audio will drop or all of it...usually all that's left is like footsteps but everything else including the music goes. Then little by little players turn into "Walking Shadows" of the world is ok including the NPC's but some textures on some places become....less detailed

I'll try to back out, get the Quit Screen and it will stall there. Even the moment the audio drops, I've tried to quit out and it stalls at the Quit/Change Character Screen. I'll wait several minutes and it will sometimes go to the screen with the small spinning logo but then it stops and just stays there. None of the controls respond and I have to do a Hard Reboot....last night I had to do it three times in 1.5hrs of playing.

I've done the Rebuild Database twice and made sure the latest version of software installed using Safe Mode. This has happened with one other game, Warframe but only with a specific instance....where someone quits out and we get a Host Migration Notice. Sometimes it transfers and sometimes I get locked up and have to reboot. I've played other games with no issues at all...last weekend nearly 5+ hours with Far Cry 5 and not once had to Hard Reboot. Other night fired up Diablo III and in 2hrs nothing happened. Wife has asked being a older model do I need another system but when it works with most of my other games I cannot justify saying yes.
  • eco_TR
    things u might consider to do, which "might" help:
    - make sure ps4 is well ventilated not overheating
    - clear the dust on the fan and inside the ps4. You may need to open the ps4 physically and blow some air, vacuum cleaners will help.
    - don't use it standing up.
    - don't use the usb ports for non PlayStation devices (charging phone/external usb/flash drive etc...) during game play
    - make sure that you have a very good quality HDMI cable.
    - hard wire with lan cable
    - do not download during game play
    - and make sure your internet connection is good and stable.

    I feel like, your problems are mostly due to your internet connection. You may also search the related forum links regarding internet connection and modem ports etc...
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