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(PS4 N.A.) Putting a new group together.

I would like to start a group of beginners. The idea is we could all learn the game together. I think it would be a lot of fun. 3 people so far, myself included. If interested, message me at el_boxero_pepe
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  • Apache_Kid
    Would help if you let people know what platform/server you play on. That way they can know whether to message you or not
  • six2fall
    How about returning players that haven't played since Jan 15. I just came back apparently @ cp 141 from when first played but I have started over with new Sorc which just hit lvl 30. Haven't had any luck with group finder for dungeons so still haven't done any of those & basically just finished Auridon & some of vvardenfell since had no clue that was the Morrowind content.
  • DeadAudience
    Send me a friend request with a note reminding me who you are.
    PSN: el_boxero_pepe
  • DeadAudience
    I should mention also, this is a role playing Guild.
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