Anyone else think crafting is overly complicated?

  • Srugzal
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    Node camping is not an issue anymore.
    Not to mention that only the most dedicated crafters will end up later on, due to folks burying themselves in PvP...

    Yep, good times are coming, fellow crafter's...
  • Pygmalion
    Soul4Ever wrote: »
    Don't quote me, but I am pretty sure ZOS has said it themselves that they want high end crafters to be valuable

    So I quoted you but it is because you are correct. The intent was and is to make folks who stick with crafting and invest skill points into these lines very valuable later in the game. Its an investment.

    Its sort of a throwback to old-school rpg's in that you have to make quite a few either/or choices in ESO. You can either progress crafting and level a bit slower (because time is spent gathering, researching, breaking down, improving etc) or you can level at a quicker pace but be dependent on crafters for items in crafting lines you haven't spent time developing.

    I think the current game balance doesn't quite cause players to rely on crafters enough to maximize ZOS' intent, but I think it'll get there. That's something we won't be able to see until a few weeks post-launch. Through testing most folks progressed at a slower rate due to watching for bugs and feeling out all the content. During that time they went ahead and leveled their crafting to test that system as well. I think live will bring out the speed level and end game crowd and that's where the crafters will see relevancy.

    I appreciate the system. I find its a way for a slow-leveler like me to still feel like an asset in a guild or group; to have a purpose outside of getting to a high level.
  • KiroElmarok
    Its very intuitive and quite easy to learn. Anyone that's wanted to craft figured it out really quick. Even a few people that don't craft in mmos have seen its value and pick up one or two of the professions.
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  • paladin_66_ESO
    Not complicated at all.
  • Isende
    i woke up early and took myself out to an area i knew spawns a lotta chests. farmed these chests, and the mobs in the way. spent a LOT of time doing this.

    i now have items to research at least one trait on everything i can produce. that's less than one morning's work.

    it's not easy, but it's a worthwhile system that says "hey, take your time, man! let's do this right!" it's a system that, when you achieve mastery? you will KNOW you deserve it!

    i'm content with it.
  • TheBusStop
    I really like the crafting system, in the past beta tests I was able to keep 3 crafting professions (blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking) on level with my char, crafting new gear every 2 levels, until lvl 19 (then the beta ended) You level a lot slower than other people, but why should I care about that, that means less people in my zone farming resources. I love the crafting system, and it is just complicated enough to keep it challenging and exiting, instead of just spamming one button to craft.

    I love it, and I love gear that I make for myself (and eventually for others)

    If only I could find those Racial Motifs, I've been unlucky so far :)
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  • magnumXopus
    To me the level of complication is a welcome change to the usual mindless grind that other MMO's offer.
  • Elloa
    The crafting system in this game is in my opinion, the most fun and exiting crafting system I ever had the chance to play! Most of my friends and people I've talk to share a same opinion. We are all spending a lot of time and skill point in my guild to craft items, we have organised ourselves to make it easier to level and to be sure that everyone can learn traits easily.

    This system is extremly entertaining because it give you a great motivation to be a crafter. You need to dedicate yourself if you want ot be good, and to see your progression is very motivating!
  • korwinthale
    There are 8 possible traits .. listed.. under the items... There are a number of items that can have those traits... you need materials to make them... it's actually really really simple.. just time consuming
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  • Laura
  • skeletorz_ESO
    No, I think it could do with being even more complicated. Ever play SWG? ;)
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  • Jeremy
    I don't understand why you feel it is overly complicated. It seems very direct to me - while at the same time offering a lot of effective options.

    It has some depth to it - as all good game systems should - but I don't feel its very complicated. It's about time I played a game where it actually lets me choose which stats I want to put on my armor.

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  • strelnikov
    It is quite fun. The hardest part for me is deciding whether I want to spend a skill point to have someone send me lumber. There are lots of people who know where the spawning points are and get there a bit faster than I do. grr. :)

    To the person who waits until your under attack before slipping in and taking an item you were trying to get, FIE on you.

  • drakuel1ub17_ESO
    Crafting system is great in this game.. I am not a huge crafter but I am in enjoying it in this game more than any other.

    I think the key to crafting is taking your time, go to zones that are empty like the start island for example initially.. Farm the nodes and chests, this will get you all your required material and traits early on easy... Then by that time the next tier zone should calm down a lot as most people rush through, then farm that zone.

    Patience is key with crafting but well worth the reward if you have it.. For me I bounce between zones, I craft a bit on a lower tier than my character is then bounce back do some quests for his main role..
  • seancaputo_ESO
    Extremely easy. I am very impressed with the crafting in ESO
  • TheRedMage
    I don't think necessarily its complicated, but i do think its crazy to have 6+hour timers (yes it gets longer each time you research) for research for a trait on a single item. Imo it should be either a static timer, *OR* an increasing timer for each trait while removing the limit of having to research it on that item (Meaning: I can put a trait on boots after having researched it on robes)
    Please try not to think I'm hostile, I'm not trying to be. I just have a hard time wording things with tact >_<.
  • Vlos
    I love it, best crafting system I have seen in a MMO in a while...

  • Fl0g
    Soul Shriven
    I think it's a good system that isn't overly complicated. I would prefer a system that required skills and a skill bar where you had to use the appropriate skill at the right time and your ability determined your output rather than luck.
  • bbadeau
    Great comments and a lot of very helpful suggestions! It sounds like I need to (READ) the books provided on crafting :#
  • Niyami
    not complicated at all
  • Salsadoom
    Sadly, I wish it was a little more complicated.

    Take blacksmithing

    1) Recipes are needed, you start off with 1 or 2 basic ones others are found. This allows rare recipes and skins on top of the racials and levels
    2) Instead of just base iron and high iron etc, there are secondary components you can add. Ever heard of Damascus steel? The iron had an odd secondary metal content making it stronger than normal iron, so you wouldn't just have iron you could add daedra blood, or something to change the metal
    3) Be able to make non racial items, racial items would give a slight bonus towards that races natural tendencies
  • kieron.the.retnub19_ESO
    If anything I think it might be too easy and simple. Unlike other MMOs, anyone can craft anything in this game, without learning anything. Thats not how it works in most other MMOs.

    In Fallen Earth for example, you cannot even gather plants unless you learn a skill first.

    I am hoping there is some kind of counter built into the system to prevent everyone and their dog from crafting epic armors or whatever.

    To craft the set item stuff, you'll need to craft at specific stations, which require you having learned a certain number of traits for the piece (starting area ones require 2, later areas require 5). A full trait line for a single item takes ~65 days without any of the perks to reduce time, assuming you get all traits to research in the first place, and never stop researching
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  • Argurios
    No i don't, i think the crafting is great.
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