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Looking to meet some new "Silent" friends (PC/NA)

Hello to anyone reading. Over the past several months many of the friends I started ESO with have had work schedules change or more pressing matters in the real world that have left me down to just my girlfriend and daughter actively playing with me. Due to the fact that she plays physically next to me and often some real world loud disturbances, (trains, neighbors, occasional visiting nephews, etc) I rarely play with voice chat. Most people I befriend through adventuring or dungeoning often give discord credentials or other voice chat requests, which I usually can't/don't follow up on. So this brings me here.

If you happen to be in a similiar situation, or maybe your mic is broke and you don't wanna replace it, or perhaps you just prefer text chat to voice chat, and are looking for a like-minded nerdy individual shoot me a message on here or a request in game @Glockcoma725. I'm located in the Midwest (good ol' Indiana, EDT time zone) and usually play every evening after work, and lots on the weekends.
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  • hexnotic
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    I stream The Elder Scrolls Online & Skyrim tues-fri @ 1pm est on Twitch TV! Come chill.
  • Pajor
    If you are interested in playing dungeons, pvp, or questing in general feel free to add me @Klasen
  • Natedardan
    Soul Shriven
    I tried to send you a message in game but was unable to find your account.
    I'm level 32, but I must admit I'm not an expert at ESO - and would love to find some individuals to hook up with to help out on quests. I'm the same - I don't really want to have to chat and disturb everyone while I'm playing. Im located in MDT timezone.

  • DwellsInNorthwest
    I don't use voice chat either. I'd love to join your group of friends. In game user ID @Kallixenia, please feel free to add me. I've played solo for the most part so far, grouped with others occasionally for WB runs, done a few dungeon runs by queuing for random dungeons. I am in PST time zone.
  • Loralai_907
    Feel free to add me (@ name is same in game as here)

    I play late evenings (after 6p AK time/10p East Coast time) & generally more on the weekends, and am not the most social with people I don't know. I have a discord, but only use it with local folks I play with, which is rarely. I have preteens, so I prefer to stay off of voice chat with folks that I don't know irl, don't want to bother people with my being in mom mode at the same time as playing sometimes. But I can help out with quests or bosses or whatever, been around a while. The one thing I could use help with is nice folks to run dungeons with, as I have only done like 5 ever (on normal). I PvP a lot these days, so if you want to run around in there, we can do that too.
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