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Newish player looking for a smaller PvE guild

Soul Shriven
Hey, I was a beta tester but didn't really give ESO a chance til the other year, and then life had other plans so I'm only just now coming back. My previous high level was 19! I've got a Khajiit Magblade to 30 right now who just finished the main story as well as a 19 Stamdk. Even with a friend and my own research there's still so little I understand about the game, from proper leveling to having never even step foot in a group instance yet. I'd love to find a smaller group that would be willing to help teach me some things about that so I can hit cap and start earning CP, bring me along for dungeons, and then hopefully the payoff will be a skilled member to help out with harder content once I get there.

I'm not really looking for huge, multi-gaming community type guilds. If I meet with no success I might have to, but I'd rather not be another number in a guild many hundreds strong. Been there, done that. Not for non-crafting or non-trading anyway! Oh and if it matters, I'm 29 and live out in Colorado, so MST.

Hit me up here or @Snow.Tiger
  • Kenborn
    Heyo. My guild is recruiting new/returning members. We are 6 strong right now with a mix of both types. We are a casual social guild with a bit of everything mixed in. If your interested messages me back and I will talk more about it with you when I get home from work on the first. (About 5:30ish CST AZ)
    Guild master of Fabrica Fate.
    Take a look at our recruiting forum page here:
  • Exeter411
    Check out the Rangers

    We're a pretty laid back, casual bunch, but if you need help or have a question, someone will be there to help. Plus our guildmaster has made an awesome guild hall.
  • Snow_Tiger
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, thanks, I'll take a look at that Exeter, and Kenborn I'll message to talk to you in-game if you're around.

    I figure I should add I mostly play late mornings into afternoons as night-time is busy for me usually.
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