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"All About Mechanics" - Dungeon Guide Series!

There are so many dungeons in this game and so much information to absorb, and not everyone gets the chance to understand how things work before getting defeated OR getting kicked from dungeon finder. Of course there are many dungeon guides out there and I'm sure there will be more from others in the future but this is kinda my own swing on things, breaking information down in my own way.

This new series on my Youtube channel called "All About Mechanics" is aimed at helping everyone, old or new with mechanics of dungeons and the boss encounters, explaining everything you need to know in order to survive, perform and achieve the completion for each!

All of the dungeons are completed on veteran difficulty with a hard mode completion at the end showing the full mechanics along with useful tips to further enhance your completion once you get used to the fights. The group setup used is also deliberately balanced with a composition of 1x tank (warden), 1x healer(dk) 1x stamina dps (dk) 1x magicka dps (sorc). Of course i can hear people screaming "you don't need a healer just go 3x deeps and a tank"...this is about teaching mechanics, not about showing off with over the top damage burning/skipping mechanics since you have done it a million times before, #RememberWhereYouStarted everyone has their own level of experience and this is about helping people, not a competition of who has the longest /cough. You will see that with this basic setup, all mechanics are VERY manageable and controlled.

The beginning of the series is of course starting with Banished Cells I, and i shall be going through all of the first tier dungeons, then tier two and so on. Once they are completed i shall be going through version II of each dungeon in the same order as before until finally hitting the DLC dungeons. So this is not just a helpful series of guides but it also is set in order of Difficulty, structure towards demonstrating easiest to hardest content for the most part. This way players can really get their teeth into their dungeon diving experiences from start to finish.

I will be posting as many dungeons per week as possible along with the usual live streams and build videos/updates so keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

I shall post the updates in here per video as well as of course add each new one to the "All About Mechanics" playlist on my channel.

I hope this content helps you all and that you enjoy the content.


The first dungeon guide is Banished Cells I, enjoy!

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