Another Trading Guild [NA] [PC/Mac]


Another Trading Guild

Yup, that's our name! We're just Another Trading Guild looking to expand our member base and provide everyone who wants the opportunity, a place to chat, sell, and discuss.

Current Location - We reside in Stormhold, with Vals Salvani
Faction - All are welcome, no discrimination here
Language focus - English
Officers - Recruitment - Open
Raffles - We hold a new raffle every week

About Us -
We're a small trading guild working our way up through the world. We started this year and already have millions in gold saved up due to the founders. This guild was formed with the experience of high end trading guild sellers and other guild officers who were looking to create their own

Weekly Requirements -
Yes, there are weekly requirements, this ensures the guild is still advancing, growing, and becoming more successful. They are as shown below.
    [] 7 Day Inactivity Limit (Exceptions allowed) [] 5,000 gold minimum in weekly sales or 2k in weekly raffles
  • For new players, requirements are halfed

Looking to join? -
Just contact an officer listed above, hopefully they're online! We would prefer it if you already knew how to use a guild store, and have read our requirements.

Thank you for reading this, and have fun in ESO! We hope you're making good sales and enjoying the game, regardless of the guilds you're in.
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  • Se_enr
    Soul Shriven
    HI, I would like to join your trading guild. Pleas send me an invite @mastersea. thanks
  • Aaru
    Please invite me. @Aaru
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