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Will summerset change your class?

With the changes coming in summerset is seems like more and more of my friends are changing their class, and yes this is for PVP before anyone says pve stuff. We are in the PvP section are we not?

Will you be transitioning to another class for the summerset update? If so how come?
  • Beardimus
    I've always played my main. Thru thick and thin. However this patch will be the final nail in my MagDW setup and that's bothers me.

    Might persevere. Might switch to an Alt and do some healing instead. I have a StamBlade but can't bring myself to go easy street like 50% of Cyrodiil has already.

    So...who knows. I'm.stubborn so might just carry on and selfnerf lol
    Xbox One | EU | EP
    Beardimus - VR16 (810CP) Dunmer MagSorc [RIP MagDW 2015-2018]
    Emperor of Sotha Sil 02-02-18 - 16-02-18 & Sheogorath 02-05-19 - 07-05-19
    Alts - - for the Lolz
    Archimus - Bosmer Thief / Archer / Werewolf
    Orcimus - Fat drunk Orc battlefield 1st aider
    Scalimus - Argonian Sorc Healer / Pet master

    Fighting for : The SAXON Guild
    Fighting with [PvP] : The Lunar Wolves
    Trading Guilds : TradersOfNirn | TradersOfNirn2
    Trials : Saviours

    Xbox One | NA | EP
    Bëardimus - L40 Dunmer Magsorc / BG
    Heals-With-Pets - CP160+ Argonian Sorc PvP / BG Healer
  • Shanan
    Me and my friends playing in a group as 5 (magblades only). Since magblade will be dead, we are all switching to MagDK. :smiley:
    PC EU - Sotha Sil - @Shanan - JoHnson Clan
    Shanan Johnson - Magblade
    Jaina Johnson - Magwarden
    Doktor Babo Ehrenmann - Stamblade
    Doktor Ana Chloe Johnson - Magplar
    Zerfistorin Lou Johnson - Magsorc
  • adriant1978
    I have at least one of every class, so no. :)
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    I've always played my main (Nightblade) through the good and the bad.

    I don't really plan to be the best so I just play my class as best it can be.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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  • CatchMeTrolling
    No, I’ll continue to main Templar (Stam and Mag) until I’m done with the game. I have other classes but they’ll never be my main class, been playing Templar since launch.
    Ebonheart Pact: Templar - Overlord - Knight Paladin Tiberium Aka The Golden Saint

  • Waffennacht
    I'm constantly using different classes and ideas.

    I want something different damn it - a lot of ideas fail
    Gamer tag: ShenronNacht NA Xbox One
    1100+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er
  • agrr70
    Will just make my poison bowblade even more toxic, cant wait^^
    Smell my Cheese,
    Bowtard,feed me your tears
    PC EU Vivec
  • Lucky28
    Shanan wrote: »
    Me and my friends playing in a group as 5 (magblades only). Since magblade will be dead, we are all switching to MagDK. :smiley:

    they're not really gonna be dead. we're just going back to being a bootleg sorc clone if the changes to strife go through. been running crushing shock over stife there past few days, damage is better than strife about 100x easier to proc merciless with crushing shock..... but..... it's a sorc...

    really hope that change doesn't go though.
    Edited by Lucky28 on April 28, 2018 11:25AM
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