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Are trials getting fixed in new update?

I hadn’t been into normal Sanctum Ophidia for awhile til last night. It was horrible. So bad. Like a last emp keep battle or something.

I even changed mundus, some gear, skills etc.

the frames drop to slide show mode. You can’t do much of any kind of rotation. It’s just plain garbage. Incredible lag.

On PS4 with 25 ping wired internet and 150mbps up and down.

This is just shameful. I really feel bad for someone looking forward to doing this all the time.

Still finished it in about 30 minutes, but it’s such a bad experience. The boss fights weren’t so bad but the ads were horrendous.
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  • adeptusminor
    Trials performance is really disappointing. I've done them with addons, without addons, using a modified user.txt file that sets graphics to even lower than low and still get abysmal performance on a 1080ti +4770k overclocked to 4.5ghz. Hopefully as they load more work onto the graphics card it will make a significant improvement!
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