[Screaming Dragons] PC/EU - RECRUITMENT

Hermits and forest dwellers, townsfolk and slaves, thieves and castle looters, lords and councils!

We are the people of Screaming Dragons -- a guild for delightful dying! We give it our all in Cyrodiil and certainly, we spit on the daedric princes when our backs are against the wall. Faced with anything, we tumble and get up again. Then we say to the lucky-ones in town: "Prosperity what the hell is the point of that?!" We do not want to lick the duches and queens, for our gold is not in the material -- but in the spiritual! Just take your bloody face with you, show us your fierce eyes and scream -- scream like a dragon at the dying of the light, for you will not die in vain!

To the newcomers that want to thrive victory upon the land's of Tamriel, whether your chances are in Cyrodiil or in the grasp of Molag Bals hands, talk to me ingame! --> @Kazeta178

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  • One year old (04/04/2017)
  • Guildhouse, stations available

Screaming Dragons

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