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West Empire Trading Inc. is OPEN again! Recruiting now! 450+ members [70% AD]

Hello fellow traders,

The West Empire Trading Inc. is open and recruiting again. We had some problems due to inactivity of some key members but we are back on track again!
Currently 450+ members and actively replacing inactive members by new active members so you get the BEST deals and profits for your goods!

Our ranking system rewards diligent traders with cosmetic title upgrades aswell as rights to use our guild bank.

Currently around 70% of our members are from the AD, and our trader will be located on the AD side, BUT we accept and welcome ALL factions to our guild.

We are bidding on a guild trader for Tuesday!

If you got questions or want to join, simply drop me a message here or mail me @Aertos ingame!

See you around,

Aertos Brightshield

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