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upgrade (summerset) cd/digital

Soul Shriven

I had the question of which upgrade (summerset) I needed
I bought eso morrowind on CD
but I would like to pre-order summerset Collector's Edition
do I have to buy the cd version again or can I just buy the digital upgrade version on the ps4 store
but what can I do best so that I do not lose morrowind and my characters

Yours sincerely
  • ZOS_BillE

    If you already own the ESO base game and Morrowind, you can purchase an upgrade version of Summerset either digitally or on CD.
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  • lil_drama
    Soul Shriven
    ZOS_BillE thank you for your answer
    but which one should I buy
    you have 5 in the ps-store :/
    1) eso summerset digital upgrade 29.99€
    2) eso summerset 39.99 €.
    3) eso summerset collector ed digital upgrade 39.99 €.
    4) eso summerset collector ed 59.99 €
    5) eso collection 79.99€ ( I do not need this because I have morrowind all)

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