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[PC EU]Blame the Healer Pve raiding Guild

Soul Shriven
Blame the Healer PC EU
Recruitment status: Open for experienced raiders (preferably DD & Heals, but recruitment is generally open for all roles)

Age Requirement: We don't have any requirement, but to behave like grownups is required.

About us: First of all the name is irony! We support our healers a lot. The name started as a joke because one of the players healed a lot in dungeons.

We are one guild with the same targets, but on raids we basically have one group who is raiding in a core status, and is dedicated to pull of high scores and get the hardest of the content done
(targeting hardmodes of MoL, HoF and AS). This group is raiding two additional days in the week. In addition to that we are raiding 1 day in the week to get experience for newer players, as well as to get gear (targeting non-hardmodes, less serious score runs etc.).


We currently (due to people who stopped playing the game) recruiting for core players with experience in vHoF / vMoL / vAS (preferably already experience in the hardmodes) with the following requirements:

Stamina DDs with one, preferably all support sets like MT, SF, NMG etc.

Magicka DDs with several setups on single and multitarget fights and selfawareness to swap

All oft the dps have to meet individual dps requirements depending on the class and have to post dps after each boss killed. Towards the healers, we want (you) to check your uptimes, so you have to save your parses.

We will test everyone of the core players on a 6m dummy (breach & fracture given) before trial testing.
All of that has no effects on non-core players. As we are trying to have stable run on non-core days also, you should at least hit medium dps requirements outside of the run (@ Dummy).

Voip: we are using Discord for the community and for voice over ip activities. Our goals: doing fun raids and competing for weekly scores. We are not that interested in pvp, our main focus is trials in pve settings.

We don't care about your age, everyone with the same state of mind is welcome. We are open minded to all players. We prefer to have experienced raiders, but players that want to join for social purposes are welcome as well. Our guild does currently have 51 members and we don't want to exceed over a 100. Quality is more important than quantity, this can either count as social active or experienced raider. Core ideas: Respect for eachother, a good attitude and loyalty from the playerbase.
What do we offer: A good mix of players that can help you improve in your gameplay, either based on mechanics or on dps. Approx: 50 members who are helpful and relax. Several types for trials (vet only). Like plunders runs, weekly scores and progression. Guild hall with several dummies, all mundus stones, and a few set crafting sets. Community on Discord.

We are looking for Casual and skilled players, as long as you are always willing to improve and (on the non-core days) be patient with those who are learning. Keep in mind that we require some experience for attending vet trial runs. A mature personality, respect for other players and a willingness to help. We don't want any form of toxicity.

If you are looking for a small guild with as main focus improving in endgame content, we might be the place for you! If you feel interested hook @Shagedopie, @PatchIguess, or @Sarah_MacKenzie up ingame or visit our Discord. https://discord.gg/XMWMbEA
  • Shagie
    Soul Shriven
    thx for the great responses :)
    Edited by Shagie on April 3, 2018 9:50PM
  • Shagie
    Soul Shriven
    Currently our core roster is filling up nicely.
    We have one open spot at the moment.

    Minimal requirements for that spot are: very good understanding of mechanics.
    Experience in Hof, Mol and Asylum. (Hm not necessary).
    Being able to do 36k+ dps on a 3 million dummy if joining on a magicka class. (Elemental drain can be applied)

    If applying for a stamina spot we require 37k on dk, 37k on stamsorc, 36k on stamplar (with trial gear).
    The main exception here being a stamblade, they should be able to do 39k on a dummy.
    For both stamsorc and stamplar we can provide major fracture.

    If you are interested mail @shagedopie ingame or join our Discord at https://discord.gg/E3hghCe
    Our current core day is Wednesday at 20:00 cet. We plan to expanding that with 1 extra day in the near future.
  • Judgedread101071
    Recruitment still open?
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