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My DIY Wabbajack

It isn't the best recreation of the Wabbajack that anyone has ever made, but it still worked out pretty well and it looks great next to my desk.


This was all made using a custom version of this model: (apart from the broom handle, which came from the almighty hole in our back garden that regularly spits random items of junk- long live the hole).
  • DieAlteHexe
    Most excellent. Just passed the link off to my spouse saying: Make it be so.

    And it will be so.

    Thanks for that!

    Dirty, filthy casual aka Nancy, the Wallet Warrior Carebear Potato Whale Snowflake
  • phermitgb
    that's....surprisingly good. The headpiece at least. The broom-handle bit looks...well...quite a bit like a broom handle :) but you did a fantastic job on the headpiece.

    long live the hole

    all hail hypnotoad!
    "There is no correct resolution; It's a test of character."
    James T. Kirk
  • Morgul667
    Head is nice !!

    Broom looks like a broom though :D
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