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Playstation 4 - Unable to Create Character

Soul Shriven

I'm currently unable to create a character on ESO on PS4.
I load up the game and attempt to make a character, after selecting a name and hitting finish it just resets to asking me to pick a name.
It seems to happen with any name I pick.

I've cleared the Application Saved Data, Restarted PS4 etc etc but it appears to be a bug with character creation.
Saw a few people on forums and reddit have had the same issue in the past, but haven't found what the actual fix is, anyone know how to fix it?

  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    One of my guild members just contacted me and is having the exact same issue. Ps4 NA. Advised them to submit a ticket as well.
  • Bhaal5
    Its not a already chosen name? That does a similar thing
  • Javezim
    Soul Shriven
    I tried about 50 different names,
    ended up just trying mashing the keyboard and still got the same thing.

  • ZOS_BillE
    Please keep in mind that your character name must follow the guidelines provided on the character creation screen:
    • Must be at least two characters long
    • Must be fewer than 25 characters long
    • Cannot start with a space
    • Must end with a letter
    • No more than two of the same letter in a row
    • Cannot contain consecutive punctuation characters
    • Cannot contain more than four punctuation characters (spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes)

    If the names you've chosen follow these guidelines and you still can't create a character, please let us know.
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