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So when will we see the crownstore showcase for next month?

Kinda want to know this information. If there is a chance its going to be up soon that would be wonderful! :)
  • Acrolas
    Probably not the 2nd but definitely before the 5th.
  • ShadowHvo
    Soon... Coldharbour Surreal Estate.. soooon
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  • LadyAstrum
    Guessing the 3rd.
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  • AzraelKrieg
    Either the 3rd or the 4th as they usually put those out on Tuesday or Wednesday
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  • TheShadowScout
    So when will we see the crownstore showcase for next month?
    ...if they post one on sunday, I definitely wouldn't trust it... :p :grin:
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  • Carbonised
    ShadowHvo wrote: »
    Soon... Coldharbour Surreal Estate.. soooon

    Considering that we didn't hear a word back, I'm guessing the people who grabbed it while it was bugged for 1 crown get to keep it.
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