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Returning player looking for helpful guilds

Been playing eso on and off since release and decided to get into it a bit more currently. Looking for a guild that wouldnt mind helping me out with dungeons and crafting and such.
Feel free to message me on here or on xbox @DynamicViper123 thanks ;)
  • DynamicViper123
    I have multiple characters around CP200 and a few nearly lvl50, mainly looking for end game help as I haven't really played much since the one tamriel update
  • Sparr0w
    @DynamicViper123 I'll send an invite across to one of the guilds I'm in that does a bit of end game. They've got a normal trial on Friday for people looking to get back into the swing of things :smile:
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
    Xbox (EU) - l Sparrow x | CP 810+
    DD: All Mag + Stam
    Heal: Templar | Sorc | NB | Warden | Necro
    Tank: NB | DK | Warden
    Completions: All HM's + TTT + IR + GH
    PC (EU) - Sparrxw | CP 810+
    DD: All Mag + Stam
    Heal: Templar | Sorc
    Tank: DK | NB
    Completions: All HM's + TTT + IR + GH + GS
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