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The Alternative Timeline Triumph of Saliache

The Alternative Timeline Triumph of Saliache by Vanya
High Queen of the Skyrim
25th of Rain's Hand,Eastmarch,Windhelm,Tamriel,Nirn

The Largest Naval force have set sails from The Isle of Summerest in the process of destroying any opposing fleets and blocking the trade to major ports/cities of Daggerfall Convenant/EbonHeart Pact which means less materials,food,equipment in general. They have inferior logistics and they aren't disciplined nor organised well as Aldmeri Dominion. For instance the only two races that could in theory oppose and stay defiant for longer peroid of time are the Nords and The Redguards due to their homeland which provides natural defence and they have the most talented and fierce warrior culture ,but it wouldn't last forever indeed. With every faction either wiped out ,enslaved, severely weakened , in ruins. Crumbled,shattered and spirit broken. They would have fallen possibly until very last man. Nords are too prideful though they do act better as an army, Redguards as individuals and which makes it even worse they are rivals. Slow but systematical deconstruction of the religion,laws,people and everything within. Skyrim would be possibly last to fall and certain sub-regions within Hammerfell. Even united they wouldn't stand a chance. The Khajit meanwhile can launch constant small surprise attacks on Morrowind or Black Marsh with the support of Bosmer which can deal with any other minor threat,but other races aren't capable enough to pose a critical threat. The blow is permanent and they cannot recover. Only a tiny pockets of resistance fighters remains hidden in depths and secretive places within mountains or deserts. Aldmeri Dominion takes full control the Tamriel.

Few years later the most frightening Impossibly massive Deadric invasion smites and shocks down the Nirn. The rifts are open. At the present time Tis Deadra vs Aldmeri Dominion. The surviving members of the other races are either imprisoned,dead or swore eternal allegiance to the Elves{Low amount possibly}

The Elves are too fabulous to lose.The High Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri is the Altmer leader of the Aldmeri Dominion and now as well as the High Queen of the Nirn.

Elves completely dominate Nirn. Deadric forces lose temper and now fight amongst each other.

Not even the Elder scrolls could have foretold such an outcome

The Nirn becomes a Jewel unsurpassed in beauty and power within the Universe. The end.

Thanks for reading A short Fan Fiction Indeed.

Kind Regards

Edited by Vanya on March 25, 2018 8:56AM
  • Kikke
    fun read, bit short tho xP
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