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Fastest Leveling (25-50 in a little over 2 hours)

  • mklundub17_ESO
    TeIvanni wrote: »
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    TeIvanni wrote: »
    Master Writs are the fastest XP in the game right now, albeit the most expensive.

    Sorry, but Skyreach is STILL faster and cheaper. :)

    I had a friend try this out as well.
    If you already have all the writs, materials, and crafting levels.

    Its about 45 minutes for level 10-50.

    Can skyreach do that?

    Skyreach 1-50 with mythic + festival xp, after you figure in load screens, is about 3 hours in my experience this week.

    I imagine your 45 minutes is closer to 3-4+ hours after you figure in leveling crafts to do writs then buying all writs.

    But you're right in that you can recoup most of your writ/mat money back and most would end up levelling crafting anyways.
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  • Asardes
    Well I didn't apply this method for leveling alts, since it's a loss when it comes to monetary rewards from the quests themselves. Instead I did something else. I had the scroll from received from the final quest in Clockwork City saved up (it's not bankable anyway) then I pre-crafted all my alchemy and provisioning master writs I had saved up over the previous months using an addon. I've then turned in all the quests in short order, before the scroll expired; I even had time to turn in some gear quests as well I had crafted at a guild hall. I think I've managed to gain about 8-10 CP (9-11M XP) in 2 hours the scroll buff lasted. Not that it mattered, since I'm well above the limit, but why not do it? The reason I decided to clear up the master writs was that I had ran out of space for storing them and they ended up clogging the inventory of the chars I planned to level - I did level 4 of them, but trough slower, more conventional ways, namely normal Maelstrom and dolmens.
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  • dovakiin5574
    Skyreach is free if you have friends
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  • ClockworkCityBugs
    Skyreach is free if you have friends

    and longer
  • dovakiin5574
    Skyreach is free if you have friends

    and longer

    Not really. With purple training gear at each set of lvl 10, 20, 30, and 40 plus regular Psjiic Ambrosia and ESO+ even without a ring of mara it take maybe an hour for lvl 10 to lvl 30 then maybe an hour and a half up to 50. Its never taken longer than 3 hours
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