PS4 NA server

So once again AD and EP work as one team drive blue off the map, Blue don't even care anymore. Then AD only focuses on holding Blue home keeps and lets EP take all AD keeps with out any real resistance... This is what you call a 3 way war Zenimax? why don't you just remove one alliance already so the teams can be even?
  • disintegr8
    What campaign are you talking about?

    I've played Shor (on EP and AD) and Kyne (on EP and DC) and have never seen red and blue working together.
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion.
  • geonsocal
    no doubt, being gated never feels good...

    relative to eastern standard time - when do you normally play @jerj6925 ?
    PVP Campaigns Section: Playstation NA and EU (Gray Host) - This Must be the Place
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