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The Pale Rose Tavern

I wanted to let everyone know about a new Role Play guild on the North America PS4 server.

I have turned Mournoth Keep in to a genuine medieval tavern designed for other RP guilds to have another site to gather. We work with two other guilds right now but I wanted to start a guild that is based around The Rose.

So we need STORYTELLERS. Players that want to start a storyline no matter how long or short. You could work as staff or as a customer or even a VIP customer. We don't need to be a big guild we want to be a good group of storytellers that work well with the other RP guilds.

So please send me a message to my PSN at kilroyk9.

Hope to talk with you soon.
  • kilroyk9
    The Pale Rose Tavern is going strong! We are getting more and more folks stopping by every day. Some belong to our own guild and some from other RP guilds.

    Come by to see the Big Black Chair of snacking, but don't sit in it. That's Jorn's chair. Come by to bring Rosey some candy, she likes candy. Come by to be a part of the "Do What You Can Do!!" tradition.

    Come by from some "in game" potions, food and drink from a master crafter.

    We now have all crafting stations conveniently located in the courtyard with a banker and merchant. The alchemy and cooking stations are inside in the kitchen but all the rest, including a specialy lit dye station, are outside. You only have to zone through one door to get to them.

    If you are more of a "lone wolf" RPer and don't fancy joining The Pale Rose guild just send kilroyk9 a friend request on PSN and you can still come by to RP and/or use the crafting pavilion.
  • MAEK
    That sounds really sweet. I play on PS4 EU, but I might have to come by and have a look (although I might "accidentally" steal some ideas for my own inn) :smile:
  • kilroyk9
    Haha great! Anytime.
  • M33ka
    Soul Shriven
    Question: do you need to experience on eso to join?
  • kilroyk9
    No, not at all. Just come by and hang out!
  • playerkiller247
    I've never been in a RP guild before, do you need RP experience to join?
  • Kierro
    I just joined them the other night. They seem like a pretty good guild.

    Yo, Kilroy!
  • Logey7
    Reading this made me so pumped to be able to bring my bard band to your tavern and book a few concerts and then I saw it was ps4 and not Xbox and got super depressed
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