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Shader File, Why So Large?

The other day I came across a recommendation for improving FPS stability that said toss the shader file and let it rebuild as it gets bigger over time. Mine was 230mb when I was seeing others saying sizes of around 30mb. My brother who is on Windows has a file around this size. So I tossed it and let it rebuild, noticed significant improvements to my FPS stability (no more really low FPS after using transit/wayshrines, much higher average FPS etcetera), but the next day its already back up to 130mb without making any changes and it seems like my FPS stability reduces very quickly over a couple of sessions. Is this normal? Is there a reason the Mac OS shader file is so much larger than the Windows version?
  • Vapirko
    Any ideas on this? ZOS? I rebuild it and its immediately 198mb. My buddy who plays on Windows gets a file size of 10mb. Is this normal? Would anyone else on Mac do me a favor and check to see what their file size is?
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  • ZOS_Bill

    We have sent you a message regarding your support ticket about this issue.
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