my bank is my inventory?

all my characters share the same bank?
  • Inversus
    Bank is shared across all characters.

    While useful can also be a hindrance.
    VR14 EH Sorc
    VR1 AD NB Crafter
  • Iarao
    yes. tyty.
  • Tobiz
    On your question in title : no. Press 'I'key for inventory.
    2nd question:yes, they share bank.
    Attention Zenimax: Stamina builds don't hold up to magicka builds, and this is causing most of your class imbalance. It makes melee weapons and bows weaker than staves and class abilities. It makes medium and heavy armor less desirable than light armor. Fix this imbalance, and you'll address most of your balance issues.
  • Iarao
    tyty for the link
  • Alyrn_Grey
    yes it is nice for collecting crafting components and then crafting it is annoying because it means you don't have as much space to store stuff as you initially think.
  • Taeko
    FYI, any crafting mat u have in the bank u can use and u have access to while at a crafting station.
  • RhajaZola
    The mats in the bank and still working at a crafting station is a big help
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