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Unstoppable any good? (Morph of Immovable)

I was wondering if this skill is any good for tanks? also I could use any tank advice (Except telling me to use Dragon Knight, I will -never- use that class its abilities look absolutely ugly)
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  • VaranisArano
    So Unstoppable is situationally useful, depending on your tank build, and some of that depends on your class and what content you run. If your class has no other source of Major Resolve/Ward, then it might actually be worth it all the time. Otherwise, I rarely need immovability except for certain fights (its nice on Molag Kena, but I just use pots), however, I don't tank trials so I'm not sure whether or not its useful there.

    I'd suggest you look at what class and content you want to run, then decide if Unstoppable can be replaced with a class skill or use an Immovable pot when you want it, or if its going to fit with your build.

    General Tank Advice

    Class: So you don't want to use dragonknight. That's cool, all classes can tank. Probably the next best class is Warden, but really all you need to tank is a taunt, crowd control, and survivability, so any class can be a tank with practice.

    A good tank's job is to stay alive, taunt the boss and priority adds, crowd control the rest, debuff the boss, and buff the group.

    For staying alive, you want enough health, physical and spell resistance, and sustain to stay alive. How much of each you need depends on the content you are running. Unless you are building for pure health, most pure tanks run around 30-35K health. The max physical and spell resistance is around 32-33K for 50% damage reduction, but hitting max here may or may not be necessary for the content. You do need enough sustain to block as much as you need, which again, the amount of blocking/perma-blocking varies. A trials tank needs to block a lot more than a group dungeon tank.

    In combat, you'll focus on taunting the boss and priority adds. There is no AOE taunt, so you can't hold aggro on everything. At best, you can grab the mobs' initial aggro with an AOE at the very start of combat, but they'll reaggro in approx. 7 seconds if you don't taunt them. So your priority is to taunt priority adds (usually 2handers or miniboss adds) that can one-shot your DDs or healer. As for the other adds in the mob, you can crowd control them with lockdowns or slows for your DDs to mow down.

    Obviously in a boss fight, you want to taunt the boss. I prefer to use Pierce Armor from One-Hand and Shield, which also has a powerful debuff. A good tank will also keep the boss as still as possible because most DPS comes from ground based AOEs. Be alert to block, bash, and interrupt. Otherwise, boss fights are more about dealing with the boss mechanics and keeping the boss taunted, debuffed, and standing in AOEs for the tank.
  • Dracane
    During most encounters, you only need to block CCs from a single mob or Boss. It's more comfortable to just block them and not waste a slot on your bar for it. Immovability is only good in situations, where you must fear stuns from several mobs. For example some encounters in the Dragonstar arena or the Fearkins in Elden Hollow II.

    But when it comes to the new dungeons/DLC dungeons, immovable won't help you at all. Firstly, because basically all bosses and even some trashmobs have 1 shot hits and if you don't block or dodge them, you die. The CC is not what kills you, it's the damage, so you must block either way. Then there are also certain bosses that can stun you even when you have CC Immunity/Immovability. This Matriarch Giant in Scalecaller Peak is the latest example for this non sense :)

    Immovable is extremely underrated in pvp though, totally underrated if you ask me. If you keep it up, many will struggle to kill you, as 90% of kills only happen after a CC hits you.

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  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    I have used this skill quite extensively on my Stam dk tank. The biggest problem is that there are boss attacks that will still knock you down during the 5 seconds of "immovable" if you don't block them. Really irritating.

    That said, the immovable brute morph is the one you want, it lasts for 24 seconds and give you you 20% to 28% cost reduction on break free just foe having it slotted, break free costs 5400 at cp160, so just having this skill brings it down to 4320 or 3348. That is saving a ton of stam and I believe that being able to break free more easily is more important then 9 more seconds from unstoppable. Being knocked down was killing me more as a tank since heavy armor can't use shuffle anymore, so it doesn't happen as much now. And if I do get knocked down, I cc break easier.

    Then there is the cost, it is 4591 at base. That is a lot. Took me a while to get a handle on it, you will feel it but my tank runs 28k Stam so I had some cushion room. I have since put a stam cost reduction glyph on my neck and that glyph saves me more stam then having a block cost reduction on. Makes the cost go down to 4388. Not a ton but it helps.

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  • Nephimana
    As a vet trials tank and someone who regularly runs vDSA, immovable compared to each classes source of major resolve and ward, the classes ability is better, Templar can get protection or restore more magika, wardens can give it to the group and also give themselves protection, nightblades get it naturally trough actively using their shadow abilities.
    The only useless ones are sorcerers who get a little movement speed buff which some players actually love because it means getting in and out at a pinch.
    The ammount of times the immovable bonus is useful is very few moments in even fewer dungeons that can most of the time be avoided by block, getting out of the way, or 1 immovable potion that I buy from cyrodil.
    Plus the ability also costs a lot of stam, where all the class sources come from magika. Frequent use of immovable will kill your stam quick, esoecially in real intensive fights where you can't let go of block. Immovable is just easilly replacable with one potions, whereas some of the class bonuses aren't easilly replacable.
    It's just up to you and if it fits your playstyle better. But the benifit isn't that useful since you can get it in a potion and its not useful in 95% of situations.
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