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I keep finding the same book.

I keep finding a book called a giant warning, It says don't *** off the giants we don't want a repeat of (festival). I find this book everywhere like in delves with no giants
  • Chartreuse
    I too seem to be having continual problems with the Giant Warning
    PC/Mac Patch Notes v3.3.5 (Dragon Bones & Update 17)
    Eidetic Memory
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the lore library from correctly displaying certain book collections. This was a display issue only, and none of your eidetic memories have actually been lost.
    “Adainaz's Journal” will now be available in Darkshade Caverns II, as originally intended.
    “Letter to Sonya” is now visible after completion of the quest Torn Asunder.
    Multiple books in the Lion's Den and Halls of the Dead will now be easier to read and interact with (and won’t show up as “Giant Warning” everywhere under the sun).
    The bulletin board bestower for The Precursor is now a readable book on Zanon's desk after you have completed the quest.

    This is happening with or without addons disabled, and for me takes 2 forms.

    The first bug is when there are 2 books showing on map (using Lore Books addon), the Eidetic Memory vesion and the Giant Warning version. When the Eidetic version is read, this disappears from the map, is recorded in Lore Library but leaves the Giant Warning behind which can be read and is also displayed on the map. I have encountered this bug in Halls of the Dead and Forgotten Crypts, but not with all alts. The latest time I encountered this was yesterday on a low level alt.

    The 2nd bug is when the Eidetic Memory book is displayed on map but only the Giant Warning is available to interact with in game, which is NOT recorded in the lore library. I encountered this today on a level 49 alt in The Lions Den (it was 'No Admittance - This Means You' )
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