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Housing API Wishlist

What has been provided so far for the Housing API is, of course, great -- and we have been able to build a number of useful (and fun) add-ons with it.

With that in mind, I wanted to put forward my personal Wish List for this section of the game's API:
  1. Function(s) to read the current "State" of a specific Furniture Id. For example: HousingEditorGetFurnitureState( furnitureId) returns "On" or "Off" for a given Light furnishing. Ideally, this would work for any furnishing that has multiple states.
  2. Function(s) to set the current "State" of a specific Furniture Id. For example: HousingEditorToggleFurnitureState( furnitureId, state ) could change a Light to "On".
  3. If possible, an ancillary function for identifying the possible states of a given furnishing would be great (perhaps passing in a furnitureId and returning a table of valid "state" strings or nil for stateless furnishings).
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