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Returning player loking for friends/group/guild [PS4] [NA]

At the moment I'm a level 20 Templar healer and my boyfriend is around the same level messing around with Warden, unsure of whether he wants to tank or DPS or use his old Stamina NB. We both have old characters on our accounts that are CP280 and 240 but back then played super casually. At least now when we hit 50 that part of the grind is started for us.

I'm looking for people to play with. I am a really social person and it's one of my favorite parts of an MMO. I don't have much interest in joining a huge guild, I like to keep it personal. I've got most crafters leveled on my old alts and I bought a cool house (the super pretty cave) with all my banked crowns so while I'm newish (kinda) I could certainly help out some other new players if some of you wanted to group up.

Mostly I'd just like to make some ingame friends to run dungeons and level with for now, I don't have much interest in PvP but maybe after clearing all that PvE has to offer that might change.

Contact me here or on Discord moromurasaki#5719

I'd just like to clarify while I don't want to judge people outright based on their age we're both in our mid twenties and would prefer to play with people who are also reasonably mature. I don't care if you're 13 or 52 but if you spend a lot of your ingame time shouting derogatory things in area chat I would rather not hang out with you.
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  • Kurevin
    Hello Moro, I am an officer of a social guild. With a change in leadership we are working on revamping our roster to focus on quality members over quantity. We keep in touch on our discord server offline and have frequent events such as skyshards, worldbosses, and trials. We have a focus on being friendly and helping each other, whether that’s farming gear, build advice, or learning trials for the first time. If you’re interested let me know!
  • Bamff
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a returning player as well. I also more into the PVE than anything else, I love the adventure part.
    I've tried to get RL friends into a 'set party' but that never worked out and they all quit playing.

    I would also love to get into a social and active guild as well.
  • Dr.Opticon
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to team up. What timezone are you all in? I usually play between 21:30 and 23:00 European time on weekdays and until 01:00 am on weekends.
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  • cotton868
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I'm a new player and don't know anyone on here. I would really like to have a few friends to play with because soloing sucks. PSN cotton868

    ... and what's discord?
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