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If I Deleted My First Toon With All CE Items

So I assumed CE items are like every other MMO I get them on every new toon...deleted the very first toon with the items and created a new CE items :/
  • Cayce_of_Kata
    Submit a request to customer support, they might be able to help you.
  • NightOwl68
    CE Items are received on the first character who takes them from the mail.
    But you can place them in the bank, which is shared across all characters.
  • Dominoid
    Community Ambassador
    Support is it. The email it came with was quite specific.
  • paul1606b16_ESO
    This really is a poor way to provide these items. Considering they are low lvl items, the emails should be rec'd by every new character you make. Doing so is hardly game breaking. As it is now, I would suggest it was a total waste of money.
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