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Question about Glymphs on armor...

I think i'm right on this, but want to make sure....I make a white piece of armor I can put a gold glymph on it and immediately get the benefit of that value or I can just put a white glymph on it and if i improve the item up the value will automatically improve to the corresponding glymph i don't need to make/buy gold glymphs for armor I plan to upgrade...I know this to at least be true on drop armor (that the glymph value goes up with improving it), I'm assuming it is the same for crafted?

Best Answer

  • davey1107
    Correct, put a white +300 stam glyph on gear and the enchantment will stay constant until you change the glyph regardless of upgrading gear.
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    Accepted Answer
  • ck37090
    davey1107 wrote: »
    You are correct. Armor color and glyph color are entirely unrelated.

    You may put a glyph of any color on any piece of gear regardless of that gear’s quality. You may freely upgrade the gear later and it won’t affect the glyph.

    Tip: drop sets typically upgrade the armor enchantment as you upgrade the gear’s color quality (if you leave the original enchantment in place). So if you receive a green briarhearts chest and upgrade it to blue, the max stamina enchantment will increase too...going from the value of a green enchantment glyph to that of a blue one. If in doubt, look at the item in the upgrade window at a craft station. The tool tip that compares the before and after stats will reflect if the enchantment value will upgrade for free when you upgrade the gear.

    Ok, so I know that the drop items glyph properties upgrade as you upgrade the item...are you saying that the player crafted items don't upgrade as you upgrade the item? Ie. if I put a white glyph on a white item when i upgrade it to green the glyph properties stay at white value? different then drop items?
  • Asardes
    Dropped pieces have their original enchant automatically upgraded if you upgrade them, but crafted pieces, or dropped pieces that were re-enchanted with a glyph do not. Also note that Shield, Chest, Legs and Head get the full value of the enchant but Feet, Hands, Waist and Shoulders only get 40%
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