Best Alliance area to quest in?

Soul Shriven
I didn't get to play the beta, so I'm wondering which Alliance area is best for questing. I'm not going to play pvp, so I don't care about questing based on faction or fighting, only FUN.

Fyi, I asked this question last night on the temp forum, but the thread was destroyed when this official forum opened. So hopefully people will share their experience here.

Thanks for any tips.
    I would say they all have great quests and areas. I wouldnt base choosing an alliance off what quests they offer though. Its what they fight for which matters. There are tons of sites filling you in on this info that you can look up. Hope this helps.

    Also let me add. My favorite is DC. I just liked the layout an the old castle look.
  • Beryl
    They all feel different. And if you are planning to play till the level cap and beyond, you will see all 3 areas anyway.

    After trying all Alliances in beta, I will go for Aldmeri Dominion now for several reasons including the amount of khajiit NPCs around. I do like the northern landscapes of the Ebonheart Pact as well and will make an alt there.

    There is no hurry, start 3 characters in all areas and spend half an hour exploring everything around. Go for the place which you like :)
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