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Soul Shriven
Hey guys.
I have been talking to a few different people about crafting and crafting writs..
I unlocked the Master Crafting writ by just level up all the skill lines to level 50 and unlocked the master crafter achievement and automatically assumed that was it and then I was informed that you also get "Master Crafting Writs" as well to become Master Crafter... Is that true?
I am highly confused. I automatically assumed that there was two ways to become a master crafter...
Max out skill lines and max out the levels to level 50 or choose to wait til the crafting writs drop the master crafting writ.
Or is there two different Master Crafting achievement you can unlock?
  • Taleof2Cities
    Master writs will only have a chance to drop when you've enabled and complete max level daily writs:

    (a) you've hit level 50 in the skill line, and
    (b) and have the first passive fully unlocked.

    So, make sure to allocate skill points fully into the first passive if you haven't already.

    You can improve your chances of master writ drops in a number of ways (e.g. full purple/gold motif books learned, traits learned up to all 9 traits, etc.). But, for unlocking max level writs, all you need is the two options above.

    The Master Crafter achievement in itself has no bearing on master writ drops ... other than clearing option "a". Indeed, players have a wide variety of opinions on what achievements and milestones enables a character to have the title "Master Crafter". For example, I believe a Master Crafter should have the Grandmaster Crafting Harvester achievement cleared. But other players might disagree with that.

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