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How to become chieftain of an orc clan

I just wanted to share this, since I actually just found this out a while back, but if your an orc you can actually become chieftain and own your orc clan. If you go to the shatul village in wrothgar and do the quest you actually have the option to kill the 2 people fighting over chieftain and become it yourself. Nothing special happens other than everyone in the village calling you chief but I thought it was pretty cool and people who rp might find an interest in this. Also you can only be chieftain if your an orc, any other race they won't allow you.
  • LegendaryOaks
    Pretty cool find
    Full Time Shitposter
  • Kierro
    Joking but not... What if you RP as a big gay orc? :D I RP Argonian or Khajiit, so this doesn't worry me. But yeah.
  • djyrb
    Cool Easter egg there, thanks for sharing!
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