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Home Storage System Summary (Text Guide)

Soul Shriven
There's many video's highlighting the storage system, here's a quick Summary.

The Dragon Bones Update has added a house storage system

These new storage container are called Storage Chests and Storage Coffers.

For each type of storage container [Chest and Coffer], there are 4 styles [Fortified] [Oaken] [Secure] [Sturdy]

In total there are 8 Storage Containers (Each different and Unique) that can be collected and placed in your house

However each storage chest is a unique collectable, so you CANNOT own 2 of the same style

What you can acquire
  • 4 Coffers (30 Item Storage each [120 Total])
  • 4 Chests (60 Item Storage each [240 Total])
Making 8 Total (Item Storage [360 Total])

One coffer (Fortified Style, Coffer, 30 item storage) is awarded for leveling up a character to level 18.
The others must be acquired using other methods.

Storage Coffers and Chests can be acquired through

1) Level up Reward (Level 18) [Storage Coffer, Fortified] *Account bound only once per account
2) Writ Vouchers [100 for Coffer] [200 for Chest]
3) Telvar Stones [100k for Coffer] [200k for Chest]
4) Crown Store

[Prices will be updated, The update is new hence the prices are subject to change]

As of now storage coffers are unique collectables and CANNOT be traded.
♠Ebonheart Imperial Guard♠
  • TicklesWithTalons
    Soul Shriven
    On an additional note, storage is universal for each type of chest style, so placing a fortified coffer in multiple houses will allow you to access its inventory from each house
    ♠Ebonheart Imperial Guard♠
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