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Spicy LIVE Luxury Furnishing Decorating Contest Friday, Feb 2 at 7pm ET

Tonight after ESO Live, the Spicy Economics guild on PC/Mac NA will be hosting our first Spicy LIVE Luxury Furnishing Decorating Contest! The challenge? To make a creation out of nothing but the latest Luxury Furnishings in only 30 minutes! For this first contest, four volunteers from the Spicy Economics guild will race to create an impressive piece. Each contestant will receive one of each new Luxury Furnishing, with the winner (as determined by esteemed judges) earning a triple helping!

Going forward, we will be hosting the Spicy LIVE Luxury Furnishing Decorating Contest EVERY Friday night right after Zanil Theran arrives at 7pm EST (or Saturday 12am UTC). If you would like to be a contestant in a future contest, feel welcome to share your decorating cred—screenshots of your work or past contests you’ve participated in.

50 Twitch chat participants from the PC/Mac NA server will have the opportunity towards the end of the contest to win one of each of the latest luxury furnishings! Maximum value of 2m total—if the total gold cost of each of the luxury furnishings multiplied by 50 exceeds 2m, then the structure will be reworked at the host’s discretion.

Come get some decorating inspiration, win some furnishings, and have great fun while celebrating luxury!

The contest will be streamed at at 7pm ET and run about 1 hour total – see you there!
Guild leader of Spicy Economics and Spicy Life on PC/NA
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  • saruhrose1
    Im GM of Spicy Burrito PS4 NA guild. Love the name <3
    Edited by saruhrose1 on February 12, 2018 10:05PM
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