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Nightingale DLC

Are the Nightingale’s in ESO? I loved them in Skyrim, especially the costume and I think there is a lot more we can learn about them.

Hope we get one soon!
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    We might see some of Nocturnal's followers in that position (since she's going to be one of the triad for the upcoming invasion) just remember that the Thieves' Guild JUST got started in this time period. That and the fact that it's a DLC (and they don't like requiring people to buy the DLCs to follow the plot) mean it's unlikely to see them as Thieves' Guild members in ESO.
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  • Beamer_Miasma
    Although the exact early history has been lost, the first mention of the Nightingales appears far into the 3rd era. The skeleton key (which is firmly linked to the purpose of the Nightingales) also did not come into possession of thieves until far into the 3rd era. In ESO it is initially in the possession of Sotha Sil who then gives it to Divayth Fyr for safekeeping. Afaik nothing is known about it between then and after (at the very earliest) 3E 389 when it first comes into the possession of the Thieves Guild. So it's unlikely the Nightingales existed in the 2nd era.

    I agree on the armor though, best looking stuff in Skyrim :)
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