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Request for more facial adornments and jewelry

I just recently bought the base game jewelry pack. I specifically created my character with no facial adornments, jewelry or anything else, but I like the idea of owning them and being able to toggle them on/off at will. It's sort of like having a large jewelry box you can pick and choose from, while always having the option to go without anything.

That said, I really would like some more facial accessories and jewelry to hit the crown store and crown crates.

I already bought quite a lot of those that are available, like the Pact coronet and the Dominion circlet. They both look nice. But I don't think we have had any earrings ever since the base game, so perhaps it's time to add some nice looking earrings to the crown store, they could be a bit larger than the base game as well. Nose rings, circlets, coronets, tiaras, armbands and such are definitely something I would pay for, if they look splendid.

Also, when you go into your collection menu and toggle on facial adornments and accessories, why doesn't the camera zoom towards the character's face, like it does when you choose hats. It's really hard to see how these tiny earrings and such look on your character, when you're zoomed out at a full body preview instead of zoomin in on the head. Maybe something to consider.

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  • Turelus
    I would love more of these as well.

    I think now is also a good time to work on these kinds of character customisers seeing as the costumes side will probably fall off in value a little due to the new game system.
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