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Problem buying Moonlight Senche-Tiger pet

Currently my gaming pc is under repair, so I can't login to buy the pet is there any other way to do so, I tried installing the game on my old one only to discover it won't work since the graphic card isn't dx11 compatible.

Any help is truly appreciated.
  • Azurya
    go to a friend,
    ask if you may use his pc
    download/start ESO, login, buy the pet; log out, delete all files concerning ESO, you are ready!

    that is easy, it may cost you a pizza or the like, but you can do it!
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  • VoodooPlatypus

    Also, you could send an email to support and request the purchase. It works for the "concierge service" when gifting to another player, so I would imagine it's possible they could "gift" it to your own account, given the circumstances you've described. No pizza required.
  • medhma
    First of all sorry for delayed reply and thank you both, I guess my best bet is to contact support.

    As for the friend suggestion @Azurya it will most likely cost me a breakfast, lunch and dinner :) not just a pizza, we are talking about ESO here 66 GB won't be that fast even in my work place where we have fast Internet that would take couple of hours at least.
  • firedrgn
    If u have someone you trust in game let them log in on their computer buy and log out.
    Just an idea.
  • medhma
    I don't think giving your login information is legal to begin with but certainly not the wisest. In an case thank you.

    As for the pet I actually contacted support and they did make the trade, easy fast and secure no reason to take risky move that could end up in a ban.
    Edited by medhma on January 27, 2018 6:37PM
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